I’m Still Here!

Wow, where does the time go?

I thought maybe I’d better post again since it has been 6 days and my immense readership might get discouraged if there’s still nothing new to read.

The other night, just days after the giant LEGO shipment went away, my son brought out a LEGO set! Hey, I didn’t know we had any more of those?!

I was finishing up going through the photos, and as soon as I finished, I became his “LEGO butler.” I looked for the pieces for the next step and had them in a nice little group for him. As he worked, we had a really nice talk about life and stuff. And I realized I had NEVER once worked on LEGOs with the kids over the years. I wonder if that was because there were just way too many.

One little mystery that arose. This set was bought by us on Ebay and did not include the mini-figures. I guess those mini-figures must be bigtime collectible or something. I did have a moment where I wished we had been able to save out a little guy for this set, but we didn’t, so I am moving on.

I hope to jazz up my blog this weekend and write some witty and amazingly unforgettable posts as well.

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