Commandment #9


Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness (Lie)

Sorry. I’ve been telling people for quite some time now that The Little Guy threw away one of our tv remotes and one of our telephones. I really believed what I was telling people. I didn’t mean to lie. Does that make any difference? I would certainly think so.

Turns out that missing phone (missing for several months) magically reappeared in the kitchen on Sunday. No one in the house seems to know where it came from. Hopefully, none of them are bearing false witness. Two wrongs do NOT make a right, I know.

So, the truth is, I don’t think he threw it away. Cause we still have it. The remote is still missing. Not only that, but our DVD remote also recently disappeared. What do you suppose happened?

2 thoughts on “Commandment #9

  1. It was me. I am so sorry. I just saw the telephone there and the remote, and thought I HAD to have them. Then, recently, I traded out the phone for the dvd remote. When I get tired of it, I’ll bring it back. signed, the transient living in your neighborhood.


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