Read About This in the Waiting Room Today

So, if you don’t have time to follow the link (click on the title of this post), I’ll just summarize. A “man” who used to be a “woman” is now “pregnant.” I saw this in People magazine. He looked pregnant to me. I hesitate to comment on this story since it’s relatively bizarre, but I thought you should know.

Really, my favorite line was when he said he couldn’t find any “manternity” clothes.

3 thoughts on “Read About This in the Waiting Room Today

  1. I just read that article today after that ridiculous magazine practically FELL into my shopping cart. Since you’re not commenting on it, I will: CRAZY! HE is not a man, but a woman, with all her woman parts except for the breasts she had removed and the testosterone she took…


  2. Ditto with Stephanie. This is a woman who has taken enough synthetic testosterone to grow some facial hair, but is otherwise still physically female, with female chromosomes.Men do not get pregnant, and this is news because it’s very odd.Just a reminder, everyone… men do not get pregnant. It is too miraculous, creative and basic to think you can change it with some cosmetic surgery and manufactured chemicals.


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