Daily Archives: April 11, 2008

Decluttering Update

I know you must be wondering what the next step is in the decluttering road I’ve taken.

It’s called: hit a roadblock.

I haven’t yet told you all my wonderful success of clearing out the family room and part of the basement, and the kitchen. But I’ve had some wonderful success clearing out the family room, part of the basement, and kitchen.

That was on spring break. Since then, I have realized that my newfound love of decluttering is having to be subsumed to the minutiae of the day.

Today I will spruce up the decluttered family room, give a nod to the part of the basement that has been cleared out, and tell myself that I am STILL decluttering even if I haven’t taken a carload of stuff to Goodwill lately.

And, I j-walked this morning, so I’m good for exercise today. (J-walking is interval training consisting of 200 steps walking, then 200 steps jogging. I love it. It’s not pronounced jaywalking. But jwalking.)

I have been worrying about whether or not to go lo-carb again. I realized this morning that a high protein diet PROBABLY isn’t any worse for me than a high junk food diet might be, so I’m back on high protein.