A Nod to American Idol

I know, I know. I must be the last person in the world who decided to watch American Idol, considering it has been on for seven seasons now. Finally, in February I decided to give it a try, having pooh-poohed it without even knowing what it was. But Val had fallen in deep like with David Archuleta, and I wanted to know what it was all about.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that I really enjoyed watching this show. The judges are knowledgeable, engaging, and each has his own style. I love hearing what they have to say.

As I am not much of a tv watcher (due to that busyness mentioned in another post), though, I did figure out pretty quickly that we should record the shows and start watching them partway through so as not to waste time watching commercials.

There are a couple of songs on my playlist by David Cook and one by David Archuleta, who are the final two in the competition. They are both excellent singers and some of their songs have given me goosebumps. David A. is 17 and David C. is 24(?) and they have very different styles. Both will go far, I’m sure, and I’m not sure who I want to win at this point. They are both popular and polished performers.

I like American Idol!! OK, I LOVE American Idol!

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