Budgeting: Good for What Ails Ya

Friday morning, Greg and I had a meeting with some financial planners. We found out about these guys because they specialize in helping families with a special needs family member. I was so inspired after this meeting because these guys were just so personable.

One thing I was inspired to do was print out our check register from June 1 last year to May 31 this year and start looking at the actual numbers. Budgeting has eluded me, year after year, as I have started out with good intentions, but never been able to make all the numbers add up to satisfactory numbers. So, I’m nearing the point where I will be able to put a budget on paper that I believe will work.

The other thing I was inspired to do was to ask these two guys how one gets started in the business they are in. I would love to work with people in financial planning, and although I am a bit tied up at the moment, I can see this as being something I would like to work into in the future.

I highly recommend these guys to anyone, special needs or not. They clearly know what they are doing and I came away from the meeting with a REALLY good feeling about what we were doing.

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