Taking Care of Oneself

This is an idea that has gotten a lot of press in recent times. As we’ve “evolved” into higher consciousness beings, we have “realized” that what REALLY matters is taking care of No. 1.

In my weekly therapy group tonight, I brought this concept up because I don’t think I’m all that good at “taking care of myself.” Probably on the continuum, I am somewhere more in the middle, because I neither deprive myself of sleep in order to vacuum, nor indulge my whims at the expense of others. (And there you see how I see this whole thing).

One helpful idea that was shared. Making a choice to take care of someone else, when that someone else is CHILDREN, is different that making a choice to take care of another adult who is capable of taking care of him- or herself. Nevertheless, it is surely challenging to figure out a balance between doing what’s best for the kiddos and doing what’s best for myself. Would be nice if there wasn’t a difference, but sometimes there is.

Take basketball, for instance. Basketball, a sport I am deeply committed to on behalf of my children, requires a great deal of time, energy, money, and did I say time. We decided earlier this year to take off from sports until basketball starts “next fall.” Whoops, the new coach and new venue are so excited and exciting, respectively, that we’ve actually got the option of starting basketball NOW!

I love the sport. I love watching my kids. I know they love playing. Even Kepler is very enthusiastic about basketball. My only other kid who isn’t playing has some really good buds who are also little sibs of players. This new home court is GREAT and we will all be able to get almost free memberships to this health facility as players and families of players. There’s a pool, tennis courts, basketball court, personal trainers, classes, racquetball courts, a running/walking track, a great kids’ care facility, and some SWEET locker rooms. But the new place is about a 25-minute drive from home. And, there will be plenty of driving to do with three kids on teams. So, I am faced with a decision here. Is it best for the kids and/or me to go ahead and get involved during the summer, thinking of the benefits for all of us? Or is it better to wait until fall and have more downtime in the summer.

There are pros and cons to every choice and every decision. I haven’t made a decision about basketball yet, but I have decided that one thing that is extremely important in taking care of myself is to begin to set aside time every morning to have some quiet moments to THINK, to LISTEN, to PRAY, and to get clear direction about my day and the days of the kids. I made the commitment to my group tonight that I will take some time every morning this week and I asked them to ask me about it next week. Accountability!

I just have this really full plate, and it is so full of good stuff. I suppose my plate does have limitations, and I just have to figure out what I REALLY want on the plate.

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