Taking Care of Oneself

Knowing that my fine group is going to be asking me on Wednesday how I have done with having some quiet time in the morning, I have gotten up three mornings in a row and done just that. One of the things I planned to do yesterday was to buy some math curriculum.
So, yesterday morning, I was getting ready to send $250 to someone I had never met in order to buy a math curriculum, and as I wrote the check, I got this little feeling inside that said I should think about this before I did it. So, in the name of taking care of myself, I emailed the lady and told her that I had some concerns about sending off $250 and just having to trust that she would send me the curriculum. Maybe you can’t imagine how uncomfortable this might be — what if she gets offended? What if she writes back a really testy email telling me off? What if it’s the “wrong” thing to let her know of my concerns?

I got a quick email back from her, quite gracious and reassuring. The only change I made was to send a money order instead of a check. And I only did that because I knew it would simplify things on both ends — she wouldn’t have to wait for a check to clear, and I wouldn’t have to wait for the material to be mailed.

For all my readers who are doing important things like closing high-dollar real-estate deals (is there anyone among my readers doing that?!?), this may seem like a really small thing, but for me, it was a huge step to feel an inclination to wait and check something out, and to DO it, even though it felt risky to me.

Yay, me! Try it! You’ll like it!

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