Daily Archives: June 15, 2008

Interesting Insurance Info

So, I thought this is the way insurance worked: You pay your premium, along with a big bunch of people. From that money, the insurance company pays out the benefits. I figured one month they might come out ahead, another they might not. At any rate, I thought that is how it worked.

IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I found out today that Greg’s company is a “self-pay” company. That means they pay admin fees only to the insurance company, and then when I incur an expense, Greg’s company actually pays that expense. OK? See where I was going wrong? I thought Anthem paid it out of the money they got in premiums. But, no. The company itself pays for all of those expenses.

Somehow that made a big difference to me. Since I thought it was Anthem making the decisions on whether or not to pay, I was tapping into that societal consciousness that sees insurance companies as the bad guy. Not that there aren’t some problems with health insurance in our country, but I finally got some clarification today on why and how “normal and customary” payments are determined.

And since I think Greg works for a REALLY great company, I am even more willing to incur the additional expense I am having to incur. We have great insurance coverage and I appreciate the company’s decision to take such good care of their employees.

Just thought you should know.

Things I Wondered at Boomerang Bay Today

I wonder why people, large and small, choose to wear such teeny-tiny swimsuits. (Not a good idea to google this to get a picture. Oops.) Surely they have heard of the damage that sun can do to their skin. And I think some of those ladies need to look in a mirror from behind before they leave home. Just seems weird to me that our societal standards seem to accept going around nearly naked.

I wonder why people pierce themselves. I’ve never asked anyone why they had pierced their lip, tongue, eyebrow, etc, but I just wonder what is the appeal of piercings.

I wonder why people tattoo words like “hate” across their stomach.

But mostly, I wondered why people ride the “lazy river” ride and then speed through it as fast as they can. Greg and I took Kepler on that ride and we truly lazed around the route. MANY people passed us. Made me laugh.