More Alphabet Sioupsie

R is for Right-handed. Yes, that’s right. I am a leftie, a southpaw. And look at the other synonyms the thesaurus mentions: awkward, clumsy, dubious, gauche, insincere, maladroit, sinistral. I’m pretty sure I’m not any of those things, at least the ones I know the definition of! So, in case you don’t know, it’s a right-handed world. But, for the most part I think I have adapted ok. And so far, my kids are all right-handed. We’ll see about Kepler. I think the most brilliant idea I ever had as a left-handed person was to learn to write with both hands back in second grade. Alas. The teacher knew in her infinite teacher wisdom that this would be a very very bad idea, so she wouldn’t let me. And since I was a good girl (see earlier post), I didn’t even try to do it at home on my own time. But I showed her, didn’t I. I can read upside down and backwards and she can’t stop me!

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