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Senior Info – Yearbook – Dilemma

So, the seniors have, to one degree or another, completed this questionnaire about some of their favorites. All of them except for one are what you would expect from young Christian men and women. The last one, though, may have filled this one when he was in a snit about school. One of his favorite memories was making a particular teacher angry. I know, because I know the teacher, that his unwillingness to cooperate just about did her in. She cares deeply for the students and didn’t know what to do with a student who obviously did not want to do the work. Also, he lists his favorite books and sayings and quite a few have a theme of rebellion. Perhaps he is just messing around, but I’m not so sure that’s it. So, now I’m wondering — do I censor what he has written? I’m putting in the other students’ questionnaires in their entirety. But even if he would like to be immortalized (I can’t imagine there will be more than 20 copies!) this way, is it fair to everyone else to put this info in? My inclination is to leave out the items that I think will be hurtful to others. And, yes, I would have to make some judgment calls here if I decide to leave something out.

Here are his actual answers:

Likes: music, cars, revolution
Dislikes: school, liberals, country music, snobs
Advice: Stand up for yourself
Favorite sayings: “Take what you can, give nothing back” “Revolution gains freedom”
Favorite teachers: Mr. Z, Miss M, Mr. G
Friends: My bro, S, T, E G, B, J
Favorite songs: [removed after I read the lyrics!]
Favorite Foods: protein shakes, malts, seafood
Favorite Time at the homeschool program: Making Mrs. H mad
Things I want to remember about this year: nothing about school
Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite restaurant: Maggianos
Favorite books: Communist Manifesto, Frankenstein
Favorite activities: working on cars, golfing, playing music with my friends, conspiring against the Brethen!

Stewing here.