Alphabet Siouxsie

Well, we’re all the way to S. I thought about this one a long time when I did the last post and couldn’t think of anything. Let’s hope my creativity quotient is higher today.

S is for Stinker. Probably part of my good-girlydom, I’ve always been afraid of having bad breath or b.o., or worse. So, I used to chew gum ALL the time. For years, I chewed gum. I’m not much of a gummer anymore, but I do always have a box of Altoids along. Perhaps because I’ve always had a sensitive nose, I’m just not into stinking myself, or having any unpleasant smells around me, like a sour towel or washcloth. Now, I’m not so strict with other people being stinky. Kepler has natural ways of becoming a stinker. So, don’t worry — I’m not painting you with the same anti-stink brush I’m painting myself.

T is for Teetotalist, or Teetotaler, if you prefer. I’m trying to think. I think I had my first alcohol sometime around the age of 21, of course, since I wouldn’t break that rule! And I think it was probably about 4 ounces of wine. I’m not telling this so that you will be impressed at my “virtue.” Rather, I just laugh at myself because I’ve always been so careful to follow the rules. Like right now, I actually don’t drink any alcohol because I take a medication that shouldn’t be taken with alcohol. I really don’t get the appeal of getting drunk, and I’m not planning to see if I can figure it out. I’ll leave that to others. But, unlike the teaching I received at my very fundy church as a kid, “We don’t drink and we don’t chew, and we don’t go with boys who do.” I think alcohol can be a part of my life. And anyway, I do go with a boy who drinks.

U is for ulotrichous (thought you’d enjoy learning a new word, as I did) — No, I don’t have woolly or crisp hair.

V is for (ok, I’m running out of steam here) violinist. I did take lessons in 7th grade for four weeks, but I stopped after that. I do play the flute and the piano, and I did have a dream early on that I could have my kids learn stringed instruments and turn into the Taylor String Quartet. Alas. I crashed and burned while trying to simultaneously teach the kids Suzuki piano, take them to Suzuki string lessons, and do all the practicing and listening required in Suzuki music instruction.

I’ll save W,X,Y, and Z for next time.

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