Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Woman Finds Missing Item!

Here is the credenza our tv sits on. It has two doors and a panel in the middle. As so often happens, I found the sure steps when I was getting out a toy for Kepler, or doing something else noble and right. I never find missing items when I’m chowing on Lime Tostitos, or when I am taking a nap. Not that naps aren’t noble or right, but they’re not the same KIND of noble and right! There was only one toy in the credenza and I was actually playing WITH Kepler, so I decided to get this pegboard out. When I crawled into the credenza (practically), there they were!

As you can see, Kepler does love these things.

As you may also have discerned, Ansel Adams did not take these photos.

Just call me Our Lady of Perpetual Findings.

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