Daily Archives: June 27, 2008

Quick Post about Crazy Dream

I have this recurring dream where I go back to high school and can’t find the classrooms, etc. I am aware that I’m almost 30 years past high school, but the main experience is that I am unable to navigate my schedule, the facility, etc.

Before I work this morning, I had this dream, with a VENGEANCE. Not only was I going back to high school, I was with about five people I did not know, and who were rather androgynous. I tried to peek at their notebooks to see their names, to see if I could figure out whether they were male or female, but to no avail.

My first class was some type of physics class. We went on a train ride through a place with an almost unending amount of information. I did not know what the assignment was. I could not figure out any connection between the things I was seeing, and when we finally got to the bleachers to begin the assignment, I dropped my notebook. Of course I was on the top row. By the time I threaded my way underneath the bleachers, I had apparently forgotten what I went for because I got all the way back to the top without my notebook, which had disappeared anyway. Soon I saw it in the possession of some guys across the way so I had to make my way all the way over there to get it back. Meanwhile, I’m a fill-in for a twin who is married, with her sister, to another set of twins. Problem is, the original twins have fallen in love with the other twin. I’m in the middle because I don’t know either guy very well. On top of that, I can’t tell them apart unless I am with both of them. When I see one of the twins (might even be my husband twin for all I know), I don’t even acknowledge him because I can’t tell which one he is. He doesn’t acknowledge me either.

After a totally unfruitful time in the physics class, we make our way to the next class — I don’t know the title, the professor, the location. I follow the androgynous crowd. We come upon row after row of paperbacks, quite a few of which say “Advantage” on the spine. I choose one of those. The class is total chaos, especially because i cannot even tell who is the professor. Finally I settle on one woman who must be the teacher. As she is talking, one of the guys i am with starts to mock and belittle the teacher, who is absolutely and completely full of herself and her importance. It all kind of falls apart.

Extremely weird. I didn’t really expect anyone to read this, but I needed to write it down for consideration for later.

As I said, the high school bit is recurring, but the degree to which I was totally clueless was amazing.