The Egg is Not Yet Fried

Although we do not have any insurance coverage to fix the Good Egg, we are getting the windshield replaced on Wednesday. That will render said Egg driveable. We then will take the other cracks one at a time, starting with the sunroof. Our neighbors (they of the bashing tree) know a lot of people who do a lot of things and they said they would put out the word that we are needing the sunroof fixed. And they had the tree company come out today and clean up the mess.

The moral of this story for me tonight is “It costs something to see clearly.”

4 thoughts on “The Egg is Not Yet Fried

  1. We don’t understand why your homeowner’s ins. won’t cover this? Still extremely sorry this happened to you. You don’t deserve this – you always leave such nice comments on my blog. 😦 Love, Stephanie


  2. I agree — leaving nice comments on someone’s blog should probably qualify them to receive favorable treatment from their insurance company. However, I contacted my homeowner’s company this morning and was advised again that it is covered by auto “unless I want to go after the neighbor.” Thanks for the advice, homeowner’s insurance company. Not.


  3. hmmmm. maybe use guilt strategy with neighbors? “We are really hungry – we had to spend all of our money fixing our car…”“Can we come over and watch your tv? The kids have really missed ours since we had to sell it to help pay for the van…”


  4. Yep. That is what the insurance company actually said. And Stephanie, I like those suggestions except that our neighbor smokes and I hate to expose the kids to secondhand smoke just so they can catch Hannah Montana. Otherwise, great sug.


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