Today in Des Moines

Today I experienced a few firsts; or at least, one. I got a pedicure. My brilliant sister-in-law, she of the Iowa Cubs idea, treated me, Valerie and Anna-Jessie to pedicures today. This is the first one the girls have had, which probably isn’t surprising, but it may be surprising that I’ve never had one. And did you know that sometimes MEN give pedicures. A Vietnamese man gave my

toes a makeover and did a fine job. I’ve been looking at my pretty toenails all day long and wondering why I never did this before! Look at Valerie’s pretty toenails! She had her pedicurist paint a music staff with notes on each big toe. So cool!

After lunch we went shopping at this older mall that almost everyone has abandoned, apparently, cause there was almost no one there. I don’t know quite what has gotten into me, but I saw some extremely cool shoes and bought them on the spot. Valerie has informed me that she plans to steal them, which may mean I have bought something extra cool. Here they are:

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