Daily Archives: July 24, 2008

Promised Photos

Greg has been wanting a pond for YEARS. Back when we lived in northern Wisconsin, we used to love canoeing through the quiet channels of the lakes, and the water plants were always so peaceful and beautiful. We have many beautiful memories from those times.

Sunday, he came driving home with the back of the van filled with a pond liner and a BUNCH of rocks. He had been to our favorite water garden store and purchased a pond kit. I could tell he was pretty motivated, because when he got home after work on Monday, he dug the entire hole for the liner, went to Lowe’s to buy sand, put the sand under the liner, and partially filled the liner with water. By this time, he was having to use the car headlights to see what he was doing, so he dragged himself inside and fell into bed. Tuesday, he finished filling the pond and got the pump placed and hooked up. And Wednesday, he stopped by the water garden on his way home from work and picked up the plants that came with the kit. By the time I got home Wednesday evening, he was sitting next to the pond, reading a book, and enjoying his little oasis. When I took the photos this morning, I noticed that the big rock in the second picture looks exactly like a heart. To me, that heart represents Greg’s love for nature, for beauty, for me and the kids, and for God. So, when I go out the front door, not only do I smile at the beautiful pond, but when I come home, I am reminded of his loving heart. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

An Uneventful Day

Spent today doing the following:

Taking Kepler to the ophthamologist. 20 minutes instead of normal 2 hours. Nice change.
Taking Kepler to pick up his new Sure Steps (compression braces for his feet). Got to see a part of town I never visit and managed to inch my way back to the highway pretty successfully.
Finding out how much it will be to add Valerie to our car insurance when she gets her driver’s license. Yowza!
Working on the yearbook. My brilliant brilliant son Joel gave me a tip that made the experience more like “fun” rather than “torture.”
Going to my group. Well, that was eventful. Near the end of group, something came up for me, complete with tears and emotion, which really surprised me. I need to do some thinking about it.
Taking the boys to the park for a photo session for my mother, who wants a photo of all of her grandsons. (The granddaughters are next.)
Visiting my parents to see if there was anything I could do for them after a hard day of spending time with a doctor who was not able to help them much.
And coming home to see my honey sitting outside by our new pond. Picture will be forthcoming.