My daughter is bored

I think there is a reason they say youth is wasted on the young.

This summer has been such a wonderful, free time for me. I still have five kids, still have stuff to plan for homeschooling this year, still have the yearbook to finish, still have MY BLOG to write, but this summer has had such lovely times of learning, and relaxing, and loving, and I wish I could inject Val with the excitement I have for all the daily things I love to do.

I suppose it’s just part of being 15. We have four more weeks before school starts again, so I’m enjoying the fact that we still have A THIRD of the summer left. I know she is counting the hours until she can get back into the swing of school. I think when she gets her learner’s permit on Monday, her life will perk up considerably.

Until then, I’m enjoying this day and I hope you are too!

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