Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

The Yearbook — It’s a Wrap!

Yesterday, I finished the last page of the yearbook.

Today, I drove me, myself and my laptop to Kinko’s to find out how much each yearbook will cost.

Tomorrow, I will begin taking orders.

Today, I will probably also revise the cover since I found out about making the mosaic online. I think that would make a much better cover than the boring one I have right now.

Tomorrow, I will stop revising the cover since I have already spent MANY hours on this volunteer project and I will begin some other important project like planning for the homeeschooling year coming up.

Tomorrow, I will post more on my blog because it is one of my favorite things.

I’m So Organized It’s Scary

Remember this post about having such a hard time ordering the checks?

A little ha-ha postscript. The new checks arrived safe and sound a couple days after I ordered them. As I conscientiously parked them on my desk shelf, I noticed a box of checks there which had some deposit slips in it. I picked up the box, and lo and behold, guess what was tucked right under the deposit slips? RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

I’ve included this autostereogram for your viewing pleasure, to give you a sense for how close the checks were. Let your eyes go out of focus and you will see some mushrooms springing up from the picture of leaves. No mushrooms, actually. For some reason, the picture disappeared and I had to put in another. Try this one!

If only I had crossed my eyes when I was looking for those checks!

Road Rage Directed at lil ol ME?

Some guy drove up beside me today, did a little honk, and gave me the finger. For what? Hmmm. Not sure. The only thing I can imagine is that maybe I pulled out of the parking lot a little slower than he was wanting. People don’t direct that particular gesture to me very often, and I took it really hard. I had to talk to myself for the next ten minutes to remember it was more about him and his need for speed and perhaps his level of anger, than it was about anything I did. If I pulled out slowly, I am sorry if he had to touch his brake pedal, but I personally think it would have been a little more instructive if he had honked and yelled “Don’t pull out so slow” and then flipped me off, if he really had to get that out of his system.