Have you seen Wall*E?

So I read the movie critic in my little local newspaper who said Wall*E got an A+. Not many movies get that kind of grade, so I thought it might be fun to take the whole fam to see it, including the little guy. It was showing at my very favorite theater, so off we went. First of all, the movie was fabulous, but in the words of Nick from the Big Chill, “You just have to let art . . . flow . . . over you.” The movie was very visual. It got mixed reviews from our family members. I personally thought the theater was extremely hot temperature-wise, so could not concentrate. Plus, Kepler thought the theater was really not as fun as being home sitting on the family room floor throwing his blocks, so Greg missed the middle of the movie and I missed the end. Joel thought it was brilliant, but I sometimes suspect that he actually has a mac in his head where his brain is supposed to be. The other three kids, you know, those other kids, all thought it was fine, but not the best they had ever seen.

What made me laugh laugh laugh was the incongruity between the message of the movie which seemed to be that humans are trashing the planet, literally, and the fact that all five of my children were presented with the little trinket I have pictured here. Ironically, the “wristwatch,” while it did fit on a wrist, in no way was able to keep time, and had to be thrown away as soon as I took the photo. A few of the “wristwatches” didn’t even make it out of the theater. Just ironic that they would present us with our own little piece of trash to take with as we pondered the problems we have with overconsumption and mindless disposal on this planet.

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