Daily Archives: August 5, 2008

Morning Glory Ride 2008

A few weeks ago I noticed a yard sign advertising this event, which I had never heard of, but could pretty much intuit what it was about. I registered me and the mister for it and we enjoyed the 10-mile ride this past weekend. We had to get up at 3:45 to get downtown for pre-course paperwork, and then off we went. The road winds along the Ohio River.
It only took about 45 minutes to ride the 5 miles out and 5 miles back. There was a longer route, but the mister preferred the shorter one. I acquiesced beautifully. After breakfast by the river with hundreds or thousands of other crazy people, we had a nice photo taken of us with the river in the background, then drove home to a very busy day.
I’m hoping next year we will do the longer route!