So If I Get Outside My Comfort Zone . . .

do I HAVE to be uncomfortable?

I guess I don’t really get outside my CZ very often, maybe. At least not the way I did today. To make a short story shorter, I decided to do something for a neighbor. But she didn’t come to the door — her grandson did. He was a little different — singing jaunty songs, speaking in accents, and in the time it took to drive from their house to my house (about 5 houses away), he told me that he and his dad both had received 2 DUIs apiece.

Wow, did my mind go wild after being around him for a few minutes. The grandmother never came out, so I am hoping she is truly in the house watching TV as he said. And I got all worried about him — he told me he has cystic fibrosis. Also, when he told me about the DUIs, he mentioned that he had a “pot history” which was his “worst crime” unless you count him “missing [my] Bible studies.”

I guess all that doesn’t mean anything nefarious, but I’m not usually around people who just volunteer the fact that they’ve been arrested. I decided to walk home after I completed the job (cutting the grass, which was why I was in his car — he brought me and my lawnmower to his house because his lawnmower didn’t work.)

It just threw me off a bit. I believe my motivation was to help this older woman. She had told me her son and grandson who live with her cannot cut the grass for allergy and health reasons. I don’t know. It was just kind of uncomfortable. The yard sure looked better, though. I’m sure it will all be fine. Just kind of weird.

3 thoughts on “So If I Get Outside My Comfort Zone . . .

  1. You know, I think the idea of less dui-ing is a good one, but I didn’t really want to engage Sir Adam in any more discussion since I was so worried. You should see all the things I was imagining. No, on second thought, you shouldn’t. Man, I wish I could be as funny as you are. Were you always this funny? I never read anything you wrote while we were at HR and I remember you made me laugh, but my goodness, you are absolutely brilliant.


  2. Getting out of the comfort zone is for me, part of the meaning of life. I see that you have found the kangaroo rodeo and I’m pleased that you’ve been chiming in. For this experiment, feedback and interaction with curious and insightful writers is crucial. I’m creating a a traveler’s tale in a virtual environment about subject matter that is completely new for me. I just posted some incredible live footage and I’m about to pick up where I left off with Chef Scary. I hope and expect to hear from you again very soon…M-


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