Daddy Gets to Help Fix the Lawnmower

When we told Greg’s parents we had bought this house with its 3/4 acre yard, Greg’s dad’s only comment was a dry, “You’re gonna spend all your time doing yardwork.” Ha! Did we care? Not even a whit.

Fast forward a few years. Cutting the grass with a pushmower takes hours and hours . . . and hours. At that point, between soccer games, work, and cutting the darn grass, Greg’s booked solid all the time. Somewhere in there, we had our fifth child and bought a BIG ‘OL funky lawnmower which would take less time but had the unfortunate side effect of being SO big that no one besides Greg in our family even had the wingspan to reach the handles of the thing. So, no longer could I “help” out by cutting the front. Actually, it was a nice handy excuse to no longer worry about how tall the grass was getting and whether I should, as my friend Stephanie says, “do a little less dui-ing and a little more yardwork.” (As an aside, I must mention that it would be completely impossible for me to do any less dui-ing than I already do. I’m sure you can imagine.)

The BIG OL’ funky lawnmower was purchased from a nice neighbor a couple of houses down from us and has served us well. But as you can see, we had to consult our resident repairman recently due to a mower problem.

“Dad, I think you are going to need to get a new belt here. And it should be good as new. But my opinion is that you are just cutting off your pull start to spite your spark plug by not getting a mower that my big brothers and sisters can use.”

Lo and behold, what should follow Greg home this week but a brand-new (Consumer Reports Best Buy!) push mower.

So, not only did he take the repairman’s advice about the pushmower, he also picked up a new belt for the BOFL, and now we can all mow like the happy family we are.

I think I am still going to pretend like the lawnmowers are either too tall, too wide, or entirely too heavy for me and keep on blogging.

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