Daily Archives: August 14, 2008

Kids and Recycling

I was reading Stephanie’s blog this morning about helping her kids be more green. And it got me to thinking about some of the recycling faux pas we have had around here.

The other day, the recycling bins were out at the street, patiently waiting for the garbo to come along and throw them in the recycling truck which may, for all I know, be emptied directly onto the landfill. Anyway, I spied some recycling in the garage, which I KNEW had been deposited there by the chore-doer. Sought out said chore-doer and asked, “Why is there recycling on the garage floor when the bins are out there at the street?” In his infinite wisdom, he had determined that there simply wasn’t another angström of space in the bins so he thought it would be much better to wait until the bins came back empty and THEN put the stuff in (like 3 envelopes and a small box). This time, I HAD an inquiring mind, and I suspected that PERHAPS he did his space estimation from the house, rather than actually walking out to the bins. Since I know that space is the final frontier, and that recycling can almost always be squooshed some more, I directed him to march the recycling right out there and find a spot for it.

And then there was the “recycling” I noticed in the bins the other day. It was the bottom of a baby wipes box (may or may not have been recyclable) which contained: A FULL JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER, an expensive bag of chili spices, a partial box of Lemonheads, and a clip from the dry-erase board. I can see the box and clip being overlooked, but wouldn’t one NOTICE that the wipes box weighed like an entire pound and wonder about that? Apparently not.

And lastly, there is the problem of the milk cartons. I buy very expensive organic milk, and God knows it would be nice if the cartons could be recycled, but they can’t. How many times have I said they cannot be recycled? One too few apparently.