Something SOOOOO Cool

My wonderful family of origin lives just one short mile from me — in three different houses on the same street. I spend lots of time on that street and while visiting my parents recently, I noticed a high-pitched, annoying sound coming from across the street. I asked my parents about it and they said it goes on 24/7 and had been for quite some time. After another couple visits, I really began to be annoyed by this noise, especially because their street is so very peaceful. So, I put my Siouxsie Columbo trench coat on.

First, I drove around the industrial park that backs up to their street and listened carefully around the building I thought was the one. No dice. Next, I walked into their neighbor’s yard across the street, in case it was some annoying bug zapper or something. All the way to the back of the yard and I could see that it was definitely NOT coming from the neighbor’s yard. (But they have an awesome backyard.)

I consulted the handy-dandy county auditor’s website because now I was sure that it was one of the buildings in the industrial park. I found my parents’ street, then found the industrial park street (quite time-consuming because I had to keep entering random addresses) and made my way down the street until I found the building that backs up to the neighbor’s house. The street is a U-shape and I was thinking the correct building was the right joint of the U but it was actually the left joint. No wonder I hadn’t heard the sound.

I drove over to the correct building and parked my car, thinking that I should probably tell someone where I am (always the safety hound, that’s me). I walked toward the left end of the building and VOILA! There it was! I could tell that a fan way up high in the building was the source of the squeak.

Then I drove down to the other end of the building where there was an open door and I poked my head in and waited until I got the attention of a worker. He put me onto “Bob” the shift supervisor, who walked down to the other end with me and told me he would have the maintenance crew look at the fan asap.

Apparently, they did, because my mom told me today that the noise is GONE! Is that not SOOO cool?

I love solving puzzles, especially when they result in additional peace for people I love!

2 thoughts on “Something SOOOOO Cool

  1. I guess it went on for awhile before I noticed it but boy once I did, it drove me crazy every time I went over to the parents’ house. PS. Try spell check sometime. šŸ™‚


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