iPods and Water don’t mix

In this picture, someone has cleverly created a tiny aquarium in an ipod looking thing. Yesterday at my house, someone cleverly tried to do the same thing, but that someone decided to just put my U2 ipod INTO the fish bowl on the table.

This raises many questions.

How did he get onto the table?
Was there ever as expensive a beta fish as we have now?
Did he KNOW about this iPod aquarium thing and was he trying to replicate it?
Was he just being two or was there something more to this?
Did you know that you can get water into an iPod far easier than you can get it out?
Even if you shake it?
Even if you suck the water through the headphone jack?

My advice to all of you beta-owning,fishbowl-on-the-table-positioning, two-year-old-badly-supervised-parents out there is this:

Throw away your chairs, so your child can never get on your table.

4 thoughts on “iPods and Water don’t mix

  1. OH NO! I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. :-{ Have you considered it may have been a diabolical beta mind meld? Perhaps the fish is a hopeless U2 fan??


  2. I remember the days when you guys used folding chairs and put them away in between meals so that there was no possible access to the table top for young tots. Too bad you’ve moved on up to non-foldable chairs. šŸ˜‰


  3. Possibly the fish is a big U2 fan and conned the youngster into the drop, but didn’t realize that headphones (and ears) are required. Maybe it wanted to be a Mo’Betta Fish than it was before. GT


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