Lost – The Soap Opera

I decided to check out Lost online because I am not a TV watcher, but like the idea of catching a few shows now and again without commercials and because it’s interesting to find out what some of the hype is about sometimes.

The first episode of the first season was harrowing and set the stage for a very intense show. I watched about four episodes before it hit me hard that in order for this show to go on four seasons (five?) there was going to have to be an awful lot of he said, she said, and a lot of cliffhangery. Like when Jack got buried in the cave and Kate was desperately afraid he was dead. I’m like, Kate? Jack is the star of the show and I don’t think he’s in a salary dispute. Rest assured he will be fine. And indeed he was, only a dislocated shoulder that he manfully put back into the socket with the help of a cohort while he was still stuck in the cave.

I’m puzzled as to the appeal of this show, unless it IS the soap-opera quality of it. The characters aren’t all that likeable, and the plot just seems so contrived. The last episode I watched (fifth episode, first season) had the bad-boy character holding a flame under the painful letter he has been carrying around, but alas he was not able to actually set it on fire. So we were left hanging — will Sawyer ever be able to come to terms with his past?

Whatever. Just kind of shows me that my lack of television watching doesn’t mean I’m missing much. At least so far. But Lost lost its lustre and has run its course for me. Wonder what everyone else sees in it four seasons later?

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