Daily Archives: September 7, 2008

Update on Cell Phone Tricks

I was just kidding.

Your cell phone, and mine, cannot shorten or lengthen the distance to the summit of any mountains. As a matter of fact, any mountain worth its salt will be way out of cell phone receptivity anyway.

Your cell phone, and mine, cannot jam radar. And when you “blow by” a patrolman, even if his radar doesn’t register your 80 MPH speed, his eyes will and he can still stop you. I guess.

Your cell phone, and mine, currently cannot be used to tag left-behind bags of groceries at the store, nor can it tell you what aisle something is in.

Your cell phone, and mine, cannot get you quicker service in the shoe store. Unfortunately.

The only point and shoot thing I know of that my cell phone is capable of is in relation to music, where I can point my cell phone toward the source of a recorded song and if I have bought the appropriate application, my phone will tell me the title and artist of the song.

My own cell phone does its best work when I use it to make calls, send text messages, add notepad notes, and keep track of my appointments. It does a decent job taking photos. Other than that, it’s just a handy alarm clock and device to keep me on my toes wondering if I’m going to get a call at an inconvenient time.