Four Down, Thirty-Two to Go

Started out this eventful week with no electricity thanks to Hurricane Ike losing his way and ending up in Ohio. Public schools were off as well, so I gave in to my stressed-out feelings and let the kids have a day off. Power came back on at our house Monday evening, so I was all set to go Tuesday morning. Got a call late morning from my parents who were still in the dark asking if they could borrow the generator we had borrowed the day before from a friend. OF COURSE! So, instead of teaching Tuesday morning I spent time getting the generator moved, gas bought, etc., so another slow day.

Wednesday I got on the stick though and did some homeschooling in the few minutes I was home. Also, took the kids along on Thursday to Kepler’s play group and used all that time including the travel time to teach the little sponges. Friday we did a nice long day of work, although we stopped a little early. Overall, it was a productive week, even though the schedule got all thrown off.

Highlights. Let’s see. I truly wish I had had the presence of mind to find the digital camera and video Eli and friend Nathan sailing down the street on their skateboards, holding a big tarp between them which was completely filled with air from the hurricane force winds we were having.

Finished one of our Sonlight readers, and we are coming close to finishing another. We are learning very interesting stuff about the human body. I am STILL happy with the curriculum I have chosen. I STILL like my students. A lot.

I love homeschooling. I learn so much. Probably some of this stuff I heard in grade school myself, but it’s cool to be learning it again. Ferdinand Magellan, Balboa, Ponce de Leon — gotta love those guys — so brave and willing to figure things out by putting their whole selves into the activity.

So far, so good. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment next weekend.

2 thoughts on “Four Down, Thirty-Two to Go

  1. It’s so great you’re teaching the kids about Rocky Balboa. I wish I’d learned that BEFORE I was in high school.Plus, you are a GREAT writer.


  2. I know what you mean about RB. Did you know, in addition to all those fights and movies and stuff, he discovered the Pacific Ocean? Dude. Thanks for the kind words about my writing. That really makes my day.


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