Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

The IDEA of working in a cubicle

I’ve done it in the past. Worked in a little cubicle with all my office supplies neatly placed in a drawer and all my papers spread across the surface. A few times I’ve been lucky enough to have one of those overhead luggage compartments where I could keep additional Important Items like extra Rolodex™ cards and While You Were Out™ message pads. Usually, those jobs were paper-pushing, which I am QUITE good at, I might add.

So, this week I motored myself and Eli over to the newspaper office (he’s a junior carrier) to cash in his Bonus Points for a $15 Best Buy gift card. We were led back into the warren of cubicles by BPL (Bonus Points Lady) to her desk where we completed the transaction.

My sweet Eli said, Wow, Mom, I think it would be cool to work in one of these cubicles.

I have no doubt in my mind that there are people out there who LOVE working in their cubicles. May I just say though that I am NOT one of the people who would like to do that.

I love being a stay-at-home mom, or SAHM for you savvy internetters. I love seeing my kids’ smiles. I love having daily challenges that are clearly making me a better mom, better wife, better person, and better friend. I can’t think of any job in the world that would suit me better. I love the freedom that comes with my schedule — even though it is busy, I can pretty much be my own boss when it comes to today’s schedule, jobs, errands, and activities.

At Kepler’s play group this morning, I had Eli and Anna-Jessie along and one of the other moms said, “No school today?” Of course, I told her I homeschool and she about fell over, especially when she found out we have five kids. She said she would like to homeschool her 15-year-old for one year but her ex-husband is not in favor of it. I hear things like that so often. But the one I hear more than any is “I could never do that.”

Well, after having access to fresh air, windows, comfortable chairs and lighting, lots and lots of fun times with the kids (none of which I experienced in any of my cubicles) — while I COULD work in a cubicle again, I would not WANT to.

And I hope my dear boy expands his horizons enough to decide he doesn’t want to either.