Hello, She Panted, While Running as Fast as She Can

The glasses are lost, lost, lost. I have turned the basement upside down and not found them. We went to the eye doc yesterday and he needs NEW glasses! Yea! So, I will wisely wait until 12:01 a.m. 1/1/09 to get them so the benefit is available. The new glasses will include BIFOCALS! Yea!

I’m behind, behind, behind. You know how I homeschool, right? Well, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of homeschooling occurring lately. But, SOMEHOW I will remedy this. The kids have things they can do on their own every day, but SOMEHOW I am managing to be gone, gone, gone much of each day and even some evenings! Yea!

I’m strong, strong, strong. Since this is my blog, I feel fine mentioning that the other day when I was lifting weights, I did an exercise known as pullovers. For the few of you who have never done these — the very strong person (me, in this case) lies perpendicular across a weight bench, with the upper back resting on the bench. The fine personal trainer then hands the VSP one dumbbell of some weight. The VSP then places both hands on one end of the weight and lowers it behind their head, and then lifts it back up. For your information, I did this exercise with a FIFTY pound dumbbell. For five reps. This is amazing.

It’s busy, busy, busy. The number of things I have to do have exponentially increased in direct relationship to the number of free hours I have in a day. I think the formula is something like this: d+t=b4 x n (where n is the number of children in the house) ÷ b/t.

I love you all.

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