Daily Archives: December 23, 2008

Having to Say Goodbye to My Personal Trainer

So, this summer I decided to go back to a personal trainer. I thought maybe I could drop some weight and get into better shape, plus I remembered really loving lifting weights when I did it five years ago. I started out with a particular trainer, but shortly thereafter, he had a college class which conflicted with my schedule, so I transferred temporarily to my trainer, Mark. It didn’t take long to realize I had great chemistry with Mark, so I transferred permanently to him.

In November, he missed several sessions due to illness, but turns out the illness was stress-related since he was interviewing for and taking a corporate job, which would make him unavailable as a trainer. Keeping this secret from all of his clients and friends was pretty stressful.

I don’t have a picture. I only have a lot of really wonderful memories of working out with him training me. Greg and I trained together several times with Mark as well. Last Saturday was my final session with him.

I will miss him saying, “You DO have this in you.” “Don’t give the weight more respect than it deserves.” and “Let’s go out for pancakes.” (his favorite thing to say to someone who is working his or her glutes off to get rid of all the pancakes already ingested) and my personal favorite: “That was impressive.”

I wish him well in his new job. I am also delighted that he thinks he will be coming back part-time in a couple of months to train a few clients, of which I am apparently one. Just will have to wait and see, I guess.

One funny thing: I knew of him five years ago, although I was training with a different trainer. Mark’s first comment to me was typical of him, a humorous jab at something I was wearing. Back then, I was HIGHLY indignant and SUPER unimpressed. Thank God I have grown over the past five years to not be quite as easily offended and to have the privilege of working with such a super trainer.

Getting Fitted for a Bra is NOT Necessarily a Better Idea than Getting One off the Rack

OK, So I don’t have red hair that goes out to a point. But I definitely have some “professionally” “fitted” “bras” that make those lightning bolt things. I realize that some people with delicate constitutions read my blog (when there is actually something to read), so let’s just suffice it to say that I think the “professional” “bra” “fitter” is probably still ROFLOL at the bras she convinced me to buy. “What size do you normally wear?” she asks. I tell her. “Oh, no, she says, you need at least a [two-inch-smaller] size.” What do I know? I let her talk me into it. And so I have spent the last year (what is WRONG with me??) feeling like my cups (and everything else) runneth over, if you know what I mean. Perhaps the ones I bought myself, with my pathetic non-professional sizing techniques, were not the ones she would have chosen, but I’ve decided that you can HAVE your “professional” “bra” “fitters” who even have cool little certificates certifying their “fitting” techniques and prowess. Not! So, my “professional” opinion: figure it out yourself unless you want to be MIGHTY uncomfortable. My apologies to any professional bra fitters who may be reading my blog. YMMV.