Getting Fitted for a Bra is NOT Necessarily a Better Idea than Getting One off the Rack

OK, So I don’t have red hair that goes out to a point. But I definitely have some “professionally” “fitted” “bras” that make those lightning bolt things. I realize that some people with delicate constitutions read my blog (when there is actually something to read), so let’s just suffice it to say that I think the “professional” “bra” “fitter” is probably still ROFLOL at the bras she convinced me to buy. “What size do you normally wear?” she asks. I tell her. “Oh, no, she says, you need at least a [two-inch-smaller] size.” What do I know? I let her talk me into it. And so I have spent the last year (what is WRONG with me??) feeling like my cups (and everything else) runneth over, if you know what I mean. Perhaps the ones I bought myself, with my pathetic non-professional sizing techniques, were not the ones she would have chosen, but I’ve decided that you can HAVE your “professional” “bra” “fitters” who even have cool little certificates certifying their “fitting” techniques and prowess. Not! So, my “professional” opinion: figure it out yourself unless you want to be MIGHTY uncomfortable. My apologies to any professional bra fitters who may be reading my blog. YMMV.

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