Remember Why I Started this Blog??

Yes, that’s right. To tell you about all my decluttering adventures. And there have been a few. And maybe it’s because our kids keep getting bigger, as does their stuff, but the decluttering seems to be just a drop in the bucket. Not that the kids are clutter, or their stuff. Heavens, nay. Wouldn’t trade ’em!

I just spend an awful lot of time looking for this paper, or that widget, or a certain person’s glasses. The rest of the good folks in this house also have to look for things, so often we are missing a key textbook, a wallet, a wad of cash, a pair of shoes, or maybe just one shoe, or even a certain person’s glasses.

My decluttering has kind of come down to this. Find Kepler’s glasses. So, I’m working my way through the house. So far, they are not to be found. He does have a pair to wear, but I’d love to find the newer ones so when I buy the next pair (in January owing to his changing prescription), I could use the very very new frames I bought in October and which he wore only one day.

FlyLady is helpful when it comes to decluttering. Do I really have to accept that I will not actually be able to get everything decluttered perfectly ever? Will it always be a work in progress? I’m thinking so. Setting the timer for another 15 minutes . . .

PS. Who’s this Wayne Fox guy? Maybe he can help me get things Neat and Tidy!

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