Daily Archives: January 2, 2009

Three Years Ago Today

We were nearing the end of a surprise pregnancy, and I was one week away from my due date. I had finally decided on a home water birth in early December, and had met my midwife at that time. Greg and I loved her from the start. The water was ready, the music was cued up, and I thought I was as ready as I’d ever be to have a baby at age 44.

Labor was intense, but so wonderful in the water. The birth was wonderful and we were on a new journey with this little guy. I could see the Down syndrome right away, but Greg and my midwife weren’t too sure.

The kids were in the house when Kepler was born and they all got to hold him and spend time with him before the next day when we needed to take him to the pediatrician because of breathing issues, and we ended up in intensive care for a week.

Kepler is so full of joy. There is just something about him, the hugs and kisses he gives, his smiles, the sweet laugh he has.

There have been some challenging days trying to figure out what it means to have a child with DS. There have been many more days when there’s nothing to figure out — he’s just Kepler. We love him. Forever.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.