Better Late Than Never to the Facebook Craze

My smart daughter has been spending hours on Facebook for several months now. I got an account last summer and picked up a couple of friends, but left it dormant until just the other day. So far, I have resumed friendships with people from high school and college, and found out that one of Greg’s cousins has been serving in the military in Kuwait but will be coming home this year. Everyone who is anyone is getting a Facebook! I see new familiar names and faces nearly every day.

The other day I posted about wishing I had stayed in contact with people from my past, and Facebook is giving me the opportunity to renew friendships I (or they) had let go long ago.

I just didn’t get why my teenagers wanted to spend so much time on Facebook, but I see now how much fun it is! I’m new to the whole “i.m.” thing too but am finding that to be quite fun. Soon the newness will wear off and I will have the chance to think it all through, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the ride!

1 thought on “Better Late Than Never to the Facebook Craze

  1. It is the in thing now..still…just one thing, mother dear. it’s IM. šŸ™‚I’ve been reading your blog though. All caught up. Just so’s ya know.


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