Greg’s Brain.

Several years ago, Greg visited South Dakota on business. When he returned, he had this long-sleeved shirt for me. Here is a picture of the design on the front of it. “Wacipi” means something about dancing. I love the shirt. That’s about as far as I went with the details of the design.

Fast forward a mere 10 years later. Greg checks a book out of the library because he likes the art on the cover. After he has the book for a couple of days, he brings me the shirt and the book and mentions that the artist is the same for both.

Here’s the thing. I never even looked at the artist’s name. It’s kind of hard to read. But not only does he see the name, he sees the connection between the book and the shirt. This amazes me. I’m not even sure how he made the connection, but he does this all the time. And it just amazes me.

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