Light at the End of the Tunnel

Third Day’s song Tunnel has a very repetitive chorus, which seems to linger after I’ve heard the song. I really have only heard it maybe once before I looked for it on YouTube today. Pretty good song, actually.

I’ve been in a tunnel. A long, dark, smelly, narrow tunnel. And that tunnel’s name is “trying to homeschool.”

I agree with the scores of people who have said to me, “I could never homeschool five kids.” Sometimes I have thought the same thing! And this has been a tricky year. With all the extra things I do outside the house, it has taken me a long time to cotton on to the idea that maybe I need to stay home more, if I am going to actually homeschool and not just “try to homeschool” the kids.

With Valerie getting her driver’s license, I have a little breathing room, and can now stay home more than I was doing before. Truth be told, I could probably have stayed home more before, but didn’t think I could. Certainly, didn’t WANT to stay home every day all day long.

I just didn’t realize how much the high-protein diet I was on was sapping my energy. Yes, it was draining away the pounds, but at an awfully high cost. My perspective had shrunk to a very small one — the tyranny of the urgent. I tried something new. New food. New schedule. New choices. And for today, I am out of the tunnel. We shall see how tomorrow goes.

1 thought on “Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. “My perspective had shrunk to a very small one — the tyranny of the urgent.” Oooooh — good one! The tyranny of the urgent. I love it that you are stepping out of the impossible “trying to homeschool” into the possible “homeschooling.” Way to go!!!!!! xoxo, mjm


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