This is the pastor of the place where we gather with other Christ followers, aka where we go to church.

Back in November, my then-trainer, Mark, told me that he would be appearing via video as one of the two totally built angels in the Christmas program. That piqued my interest and I reserved tickets for my family. Due to a tragedy at the first performance, all the rest of the shows were cancelled, so we never got to see it. Nor, I might add, did I get to see my trainer in wings and angelic wear. My NEXT trainer, Jason, started training me right before Christmas, and during my third session with him, he invited us to visit Crossroads, had such great things to say about it, and personally invited us to meet him there. Well, I decided I’d take him up on it. So, me and the fam met him there for the Saturday night service. My first impression was that it was LOUD. My boys all needed to leave the auditorium because the music was so loud.

We decided to go back, and somewhere not too long after we started going, we were hooked on the place. Greg and I went by ourselves for several weeks before taking the kids back. Finally, we started taking them along, one or two at a time, and eventually we even started putting Kepler into a Kids Club class. Get this. Kepler has a personal attendant (an adult named Matthew) who goes to his class with him, and is paired with him every single week. They do this for every kid with special needs. I think that is awesome. And Kepler? He absolutely loves Matthew, and he loves his class.

At this point, I go to the Saturday evening service either by myself, or with a friend, and then I go with my family on Sunday morning. It is NOT too much to go twice every week. The messages are extremely relevant to me, and they are substantial in their content.

Listen, if you come to visit us, make sure you plan to be here sometime during the weekend so you can visit with us. We would love to have you along.

PS. The music IS loud, but not so loud that the boys leave anymore. My mom wears earplugs during the music, and we have extra earplugs along for anyone who might need that lower level of volume. I personally LOVE it.

Here’s one of the songs we’ve been hearing a lot of lately at Crossroads

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