Things’ll Look Brighter in the Morning

That’s the title of a song by Bill, Bill, Bill somebody. It’ll come to me.

Anyway, things do look brighter this morning.

The dog is getting trained.

I am still not organized enough to home school perfectly, but I am organized enough to homeschool imperfectly, which is likely the only way I will ever homeschool.

Even in the midst of a hard day, which yesterday was, I did find the energy and strength to recognize a life lesson in the midst of the math lesson, AND illustrate it clearly, AND be reminded that this is what is good about homeschooling. The lesson had to do with doing the bare minimum vs doing what it takes to do the best job you can. It applies to math, it applies to dog training, it applies to parenting.

So, yesterday was part of the normal ebb and flow of life, with more ebb than flow at that moment.

Still praying.

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