Sheesh! A Week Later!

And it’s not like I haven’t had anything to post about!

For instance, the beautiful cornucopia pictured here could have easily been put together on our trip to Jungle Jim’s, which is a wonderful store not far from us. While we were up there, we got serious about looking for another car to replace our beloved Previa, so we stopped by Performance Toyota to check out a couple of cars.

Thursday, I took Eli to a wonderful skate park in Kettering, Ohio. Although 45 minutes away, it was definitely worth it. We will be returning on Friday the 24th for another skate day for him.

Friday, I took a couple of my kids to see the Hannah Montana movie. I was most surprised to find out that I really enjoyed it and found it very uplifting. I didn’t realize that she is actually a very good singer and entertainer.

Saturday was filled with car shopping, and the Easter service at Crossroads, which defies description, it was so memorable.

Sunday was the Easter service AGAIN at Crossroads, this time with my family, and then a lovely family dinner at my sister’s for the afternoon.

Monday was a PEP-filled day, then car picking up and licensing in the afternoon.

Tuesday was spent in the car, driving here, there and everywhere. American Idol in the evening.

And that brings us to today. Discovered the waterbed has a leak this morning so that adds a level of excitement to the day! Keeping up with taking the dog out, feeding her, training her, keeps me busy. Doing the paper routes with the kids gives me a reason to drive.

Good day. I just wish this twitching under my nose would stop. It’s like the twitching you get by your eye that says you need a banana, but bananas aren’t stopping this. I feel like Samantha Stevens.

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