Well, At Least She’s Consistent

I’m on a roll. The storage room is being cleared out even as we speak. How many boxes have I found so far that are filled to the brim with miscellaneous pieces of this and that? More than a few but less than a million.

I am encouraged though because it is helpful that I have done the same method of pre-sorting for all these years. At least if it is in the house, it is in one of these boxes and has a chance of finding its home with its other little buddy blocks or game pieces or whatnot. And office supplies? How I could ever justify setting foot in an Office Max ever again is beyond me. (Except for printer cartridges, of course, which apparently use themselves up in the still of the night.) Staples? Boxes of ’em. Pencils? Enough for an entire African country. Glue Sticks? Numerous, some sticky and some dry. Bags, boxes, emery boards, lunch bags, purple glitter, single gloves, YOU NAME IT, it’s there.

But it’s happening, people, it’s happening! I am getting through this stuff! I definitely aced “sorting skills” along the way, because I am a champion sorter.

Now, back to work.

2 thoughts on “Well, At Least She’s Consistent

  1. Something to think about:

    Siouxsie posts something. Then Stephanie leaves a comment. Stephanie has this cool little mug icon that appears next to her comment on the posting page (mugshot?)

    Anyway, when I want to post a comment, the comment page comes up with this warning: “Blah blah page has both secure and unsecure items. Do you want to show the unsecure items?”

    So I say yes, and you know what item pops up when I say yes?

    Stephanie's unsecure mugshot. Some hidden meaning here?


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