Move Along, Grumpy

OK I promise I’m not going to have a Seven Dwarfs theme forever.

I just wanted to get Grumpy off of center stage. But it took awhile, because that wasn’t my only grumpy day. Why, you ask? Well, thanks for asking.

Can you say puppy?
Can you say clutter?
Can you say daughter’s incessant coughing?
Can you say computer?

Well, of course you can. I haven’t posted about the dog because I don’t think I ever came to terms with having a puppy after the initial lovey-dovey minutes. But she is being adopted by a very loving family tonight, so that is a very good thing. I think everyone who reads my blog, with the exception of Gregoire, has actually been INSIDE our house, so you know that it is small for the 7 of us, and has been basically infinitesimal with a puppy in the mix. Just dreaming about having all that space back after tonight!

I have posted about clutter numerous times, to the eternal joy of all my readers. I try to make those posts clever and humorous so it’s not just all doom and gloom about having too damn many files, photos, books, clothes, papers, and fill-in-the-blank-here. The clutter just won’t go away. I think there is some type of spiritual significance to my problems in this area.

Daughter’s incessant coughing. Yesterday I finally bought some horrid cough medicine for her, with at least 5 ingredients that I avoid as much as possible (red #40 — why do they put this in?) I am of the “wait it out, sleep and drink lots of water” medicinal methodology. Hasn’t exactly worked for this cough. Hence, the medicine. They sell little cough medicine strips now that just melt in your mouth, not in your hand. I thought this might make it easier for my rarely medicated child to ingest. Alas. No. The strips are a thousand times worse than the liquid and she had to drink 5 cups of water and chomp on some serious altoids to get through the ordeal. Poor thing.

And the computer? Well, as I have mentioned before, computers are such a boon to mankind and such a pain in mankind’s butt. But, instead of ranting on and on, I will just say how very grateful I am to have a computer, even if it DOESN’T work like I want it to, and even if it CAUSES ME MORE WORK. Oops, I wasn’t going to rant.

Have been feeling like the world’s worst mother lately, although surely I cannot be the world’s worst mother, can I? And feelings, whoa, oh, oh, feelings — such a thorn in the side of mankind, sometimes. They just make me want to sleep and eat. Oh, not the ones like joy and happiness. Just guilt and anger that I thought I had already dealt with. We’re ba-a-a-a-ck.

So, here’s your dose of Siouxsie today. Not the typical post of the stay-at-home mom who writes lovely reflections on the local elementary school and how the village is doing such a good job helping her raise her children. But, thank God I am feeling better.

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