We xoxoxo Cincinnati

Sweet morning with Greg and Kepler. We headed up to Mt. Adams to meet with other people from Crossroads to pray for our city. This is not my usual thing to do on a Saturday morning, but I have learned by now, don’t miss anything that Crossroads does, cause I will miss a lot.

The overlook shows the beautiful Ohio River and our lovely city. We spent about 30 minutes praying for specific things about the city. And whatever changes the city experiences because of it, I know I am changed for having been there.

Often, we leave Kepler home with the other kids when we go somewhere, but having him along really brought home the point that he is The Great Connector of us and other people. So many people spoke to me and Greg because of Kepler. We loved making the connections with people.

As is typical Crossroads, there was a way to memorialize our experience. They had a huge version of the ILOVECincinnati bumper sticker and asked us to write prayers on it before we left, which we did.

Mt. Adams is a very chic part of Cincinnati that we don’t get to very often. I think it is where all the beautiful young professional people live. What a view. When I first asked Greg if he wanted to go, he didn’t jump at the chance, but after thinking about it, decided he did want to be there.

I got the directions last night the old-fashioned way, off the internet. Greg brought along the almighty GPS though. (My directions were better. He even thinks so.) And off we went.

On the way home, we marveled at the spirit that was there, and the joy we experienced at meeting and talking with people who care enough about Cincinnati to give up an hour or so and get together and pray for healing for our city.

1 thought on “We xoxoxo Cincinnati

  1. OMG such an adorable of Kepler running his finger along the fence!! That's a classic childhood image, no??

    As a residence of (greater) Cincinnati, I just want to thank you for praying for our fine city.



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