Where’d She Go?

For one thing, she has been spending ENTIRELY too much time lurking on Facebook. And for her meager postings, she was rewarded with a cheeky teen the other day mentioning how he gets a big kick out of the things that parents post. I guess he thinks we should stick to esoteric song lyrics as our status.

Besides that, have been homeschooling mightily.

Last night, at the Last Wednesday service at Crossroads, Brian talked about how God redeems the difficult things in our lives. And for whatever reason, this year homeschooling is light years away in terms of difficulty and stress from last year. I believe this is one of the areas that God has and is redeem(ed/ing) in my life.

Hopefully, I will be back soon to tell you all more about it.

3 thoughts on “Where’d She Go?

  1. Well, you know me. Any chance I get to second-guess myself. So, Matt's comment did send a doom dart speeding into me. I did get a little better perspective a little later though.


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