The Girl Who Cried "We’re Moving!"

Just about 10 years ago to the day, we moved back to Ohio and into this house. It’s a small house with a big yard, and isn’t the type of house that most of our friends live in. Most of the kids’ friends live in two-story houses that have great rooms, and large open kitchens, and high ceilings, and extra rooms here and there, and even sometimes two staircases. We chose this house when the kids were small, because it had a big yard and the house seemed big enough for the little ones. Actually, Greg chose and bought the house, although it was I who sent him the MLS sheet and asked him to check it out.

Over the years, we have realized that this is a pretty smallish house for 6, then 7, people. One time we thought we might try to move to a bigger house and looked at a few. Once we thought about building on. Both times we abandoned the idea in favor of staying where we are.

Recently, I had the idea again. Moving. This time, I wanted to move somewhere where I would be closer to people to “do life with.” Thing is, I don’t know who or where those people are, but we’re still talking this general area. So, not sure where to move. We went so far this time as to consult with two realtors and tell the kids we are moving for sure. We’ve made several lists, taken some of the clutter out of the house, taken some stuff to Goodwill, and painted numerous rooms. But now school has started. And I’ve put the brakes on.

I love the idea of moving to a new house, but I also love our home. It has a few annoying quirks, but after 10 years, we’re pretty attached to this place. The thing that strikes me as the best of both worlds is to go ahead and build on to this house, including addding a partial second story, with a few bedrooms up there. Downside is of course over-improving for the neighborhood.

Financially, this isn’t the best time to sell a house, from what I’ve heard. So there’s that unknown as well.

But, bottom line is, school has started. Which, as you know, means there is lots and lots of activity here every day. Even the thought of removing the needing-to-be-replaced family room carpet is a bit overwhelming as I imagine moving FOUR desks, and FOUR computers, plus the other furniture, pulling up the carpet, putting down the pergo, and then hooking everything back up. And oh yeah Greg is out of town most of the time. So, here I am, pioneer woman, to be sure, holding down the fort, but can pioneer woman ALSO replace flooring, heft furniture here and there, and still do all the stuff I regularly do? Probably. 🙂

As so many things around here go, this is something that will happen if I make it happen. My lovely children are absolutely awesome, and part of being awesome children doesn’t really include getting all responsible for buying and selling a house. They would all do anything I asked them do, so I know they are there to help. It just seems like the overall project is kind of on me. Greg is keen to help, but hard to do much when he is in Michigan.

I guess the real bottom line is I spoke a little early about the idea of moving. Yes, I want to spend time with a group of people I can invest in. When God shows me that we need to move to another house, then I move! For now, I want to continue to get this house into move-in condition, continue to remove stuff from the house, and keep my eyes open for the next step. I like the idea of just kind of letting the smoothness of life go along for awhile without throwing a giant wrench in the monkey works by putting myself under the incredible pressure of moving, with all the accompanying work that goes along with it.

I’ll keep you posted.

1 thought on “The Girl Who Cried "We’re Moving!"

  1. This reader is in favor of that blogger staying in her current house…always also in support of that blogger following her bliss…also grateful for the very short distance between our homes even though we seem to see each other only in fits and starts. 🙂



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