Just to clarify, this post has nothing to do with the value and/or benefits of public school, or really anything about the pros and cons.

I met with a local high school guidance counselor this morning just to explore what it would take for Joel to take a class or classes at the high school during second semester. She gave me great information and I came home armed with everything I need to be able to make a decision.

I asked about homeschool classes, and what kind of documentation is required for the credits to transfer to a public high school. Here is her answer:

“The homeschool student must take and pass the public school final exam for the same course in order to show that they have mastered the material in the public school course.”

Wowza. Presumably, and she confirmed this, not too many students are able to do this.

This means, in Joel’s case, that for him to receive credit for Physics, Chemistry, Algebra 1, Geometry, Spanish 2 and 3, and American History, he would have to take SEVEN public school finals to receive credit for those classes. What student do you know that could do that, even if they did well in the class? Seems like the nature of the beast is that kids learn it and then forget it.

Hey, I get it that this is the public school’s policy and I’m fine with that. Just felt a little bit like some Seattle fishmonger slapped me in the face with a halibut and then tweaked my nose with a lobster claw. Seems like it’s easier to get into college after homeschooling than it is to get into high school! I found out this morning that once you get to high school, the chasm between homeschooling and public school has widened considerably. Interesting. Certainly makes a case for staying the current course.

2 thoughts on “GET. THIS.

  1. That is very interesting. It does seem to me also, after reading your post, that College is more friendly towards homeschoolers than high school. I have many friends whose kids take online classes through various colleges their last two years of high school to meet the requirements for high school graduation, while also earning college credit.


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