Daily Archives: February 9, 2010

Things must be looking UP!

It’s only fair since Eeyore got a voice yesterday, we should allow Tigger to have his say today.

Isn’t the snow beautiful! There’s something so peaceful about the big flakes falling outside my window. I used to sit in my bedroom at home at night, and watch the snowflakes fall through the light of the back porch spotlight. I loved that sight. Today, the cupboard is almost bare, as is the till, but who cares! The snow is gorgeous!

Eeyore would be bemoaning the fact that Greg is having to drive to Michigan today, but Tigger realizes Greg is a good and careful driver and will be just fine!

Had a little heart-to-heart with The Big Guy this morning about the fact that I don’t want to give up eating fun foods and sleeping in. Those things are comforting, and I guess the fact is I am uncomfortable quite a lot of the time. He said that I have filled and overfilled every space of my life. Unlike the ‘god’ who was portrayed in my growing up years, God the Father did not bash me over the head this morning with shoulds and oughts. He just told me the next step to take and then to come back and talk some more.

Yesterday, Greg and I had an appointment at Crossroads to discuss becoming part of the marriage ministry, as table leaders, or some role where we can share some of what we have as happily married people. The previous few days had been very hard, marriage-wise, which seemed a little TOO coincidental, to me. We hung in there, trying to continue building bridges toward each other, rather than stomping off in a huff (kind of hard to do in a car, I guess). Anyway, the person with whom we were to meet FORGOT THE MEETING. Eeyore suggested that was because we are not important and not particularly worth much when it comes to ministry. But, I know that’s not the truth. Sometimes it can be hard to persevere in trying to give of yourself, especially when circumstances are conspiring to try to make you think that it would be easier to just give up.

I am encouraged today. I hope you are, too.

Back to the Drawing Board

Today I organized the toys. Most are toys that have 20-1,000,000 pieces. Therefore, they have been taking up space in about 25 different places in the house. A veritable olio of missing pieces, passing time, waiting to be reunited.

Greg was off today, and he took Anna-Jessie and Kepler out for the morning. What a gift that was — as much as I love having the kids here all the time, having some prime daytime hours freed up gave me an opportunity to gather and sort the pieces. I’m still missing ONE Measure Up cup from one set, and EIGHT from the other set. I thought I looked in every container of “stuff” in this house, but I must have overlooked a few spots.

Finally, the monkey is back in the puzzle, and the puzzle is complete.

And you wonder why I haven’t been blogging? I think January and February are just hard months — so gray, so cold, sometimes snowy and slushy. Months into the school year, but months left to go. I’m still here, just hunkered down, waiting for the winter to turn to spring.

Thanks for visiting my blog.