Missed Me, Missed Me, Now Ya Gotta Kiss Me

Sometimes it matters. Sometimes it doesn’t. Tonight it did.

Last year we spent six weeks with three lovely couples, all of whom live in a higher economic level than we do. That wasn’t an issue at all last year. This year we spent six weeks with these three lovely couples, plus one more lovely couple. Tonight was the sixth meeting. Greg and I were really uncomfortable, because most of the conversation was about topics about which we simply do not have anything to say — cruises, vacation cottages, shopping in foreign countries, dinner with important people — well, except that last one — we have dinner with important people every time we eat dinner as a family.

But, dang. I just think the new couple, well, especially the husband, is so used to his lifestyle –that of the movers and shakers — that it maybe doesn’t occur to him that not all of us know the CEO of whatever company. Last year, we met in one couple’s home all six weeks. This week, we all took turns. I really came to a place of peace about having them all to our house, even though three of our houses could fit into one of theirs. So, it’s not that I’m ashamed of having less, or living in a smaller house. It’s just that we didn’t seem to have as much in common with them this year.

But, I’ll tell you — when we walked into our house this evening and Kepler came up to me with his sweet voice wanting a hug, all the rest of it faded away. I wouldn’t trade this life for any of theirs.

2 thoughts on “Missed Me, Missed Me, Now Ya Gotta Kiss Me

  1. Well, I've never been on a cruise…just so ya know. I can relate to your post. It is very easy to forget what is important. There are lots more interesting things of eternal value to talk about. And your family is one of them!


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