Daily Archives: June 5, 2011

There’s a Reason Why People Always …

write about the sea.

Between Hemingway and Melville and lots of other people, plenty has been written about the ocean, so I hardly think I’m going to add anything particularly original here, but the ocean is just so rife with meaning and beauty and grace and experience.

Man, I love the ocean. I love the expanse. I love the depth. I love the Mariana Trench. I love the waves and the tides and the beach and the sand. I love the lantern fish. It’s all just really beautiful.

I know. I wax eloquent. But I got to introduce Kepler to the ocean today. I remember when our older kids saw the ocean for the first time and that was a sweet time, but Kepler’s experience is quite a bit more present to me.

I think of the ocean like I think of love. When you experience genuine love, you want more and more of it, like the ocean. The ocean draws you in little by little like love does. The ocean is wild and dangerous and exciting, like love is. Love, like the ocean, has meaning and beauty and grace and experience. And there ya go. Love and the ocean. Both irresistible. Both larger than life.

Think I figured it out.